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Creative Services

List Of Services

  • Marketing Strategy Consultation: Brand building, web and digital strategy etc.

  • Brand Development: Company identity, logo design, customer/client personas etc.

  • Graphic Design: Digital, print, web, traditional, ad content and various promotional media etc.

  • Video Production: Action footage of teams in the field or office, events, shows etc.

  • Photography: Action footage of teams in the field or office, events, shows etc.

  • Voice Over Work: Video narration, radio/tv voice overs etc.

  • Music Production: Original music for jingles, background music, video etc.

  • Live Music: Band for events, parties and various live music venues etc.

  • Signage: Design and install of indoor/outdoor signs

Past Clients

  • Christian Brothers Realty

  • Tradewinds Logistics

  • Yellow Backpack Mobile Storage

  • Vibe Music Academy

  • Global Short Film Network

  • CoWork 1010

  • Los Altos Golf Course

  • Protect and Preserve Painting

  • Homesense Heating and Cooling

  • Genz-Ryan Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning

  • C&J Well Co.

  • C and J Water

  • Patriot ERD Inc.

  • Breakers Unlimited Inc.


  • Cru/Keynote

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